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A selection of Highlights for the RadioMaster TX16s!

RadioMaster TX16s: First Look and Key Features 
Wireless Trainer Setup using a 4-in-1 Module (FrSky D16 radio and Crossfire too!)
Custom Radio Splash Screen
OpenTX Automatic Timers
RadioMaster TX16s: Flashing 'real' OpenTX into the radio - step by step
Flashing your 4in1 Module (fixing the 'Module Update Recommended' message)
Setting up the screen/widgets 
Multiprotocol Radios: Clone your FrSky radio so you don't need to rebind
Custom Model Images For Your Radio
RadioMaster TX16s: Flashing / Updating Radio Receivers (Simple Process)
How to setup Cross Trim and Instant Trim for your Fixed Wing models
Add model specific reminders to your radio screen!
My INAV Radio Setup (RadioMaster TX16s): How I set mine up here
How do you use the 6POS switch with INAV modes?
Changing EXPO on the fly using a rotary/slider control easily
Simple OpenTX Radio Setup for INAV and Betaflight (and other flight controllers)
Add the NEW TBS AgentX Lite to your radio easily (you'll never use the Crossfire LUA again!)
TX16s Binding Examples: FrSky D16 and Spektrum DSM Receivers
Installing Telemetry LUA scripts onto the RadioMaster TX16s (Yaapu and iNav)
There are actually two firmwares on your radio...
Cheap, easy wireless trainer setup (WT01 and T8 Lite Radio)